The Easy Company Wiki focuses mainly on Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, 101st. It also will touch on several main parts of WW2 that are unrelated to Easy Company. Easy Company was a company of soldiers lead by the hero Richard Winters through several of WW2's most terrifying battles. On june 6 1944, the men of easy company leapt out of a C-47 plane into German Occupied Normandy France. Later they liberated Carentan, jumped into Holland, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, liberated a Nazi death camp and took the Eagles nest at Berchtesgaden.Its leaders, in order were Captain Herbert Sobel,Thomas Meehan,Richard Winters,Moose Heyliger,Norman Dike, and Ronald Speirs.

Richard Winters leads the men of the 101st and 82nd on D-day in the HBO mini series Band od Brothers


Quote of the week:

“Three day supply of K-rations, chocolate bars, charms candy,powdered coffee, sugar, matches, compass, bayonet, entrenching tool, ammunition, gas mask,musette bag with ammo, my webbing , my .45, canteen, two cartons of smokes, Hawkins mine, two grenades, smoke grenade, Gammon grenade, T -N-T, this bullshit, and a pair of nasty skivvies!” – Joe Toye

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Easy Company monthly Trivia

-Eugene Roe is the first character to be seen in the mini series Band of Brothers -Men who enlisted in the paratrooper infantry got paid $50 per month more -Malarky and More steal a motorcycle -George Luz, a master at voice disguises, impersinated major Horten and made Sobel cut through a farmers fense,getting him in truble -In Band of Brothers Nixon did not get to keep his dog but in reality he did -The Band of Brothers episode Bastogn won an award -Band of Brothers won 6 Emmy awards and one Golden Globe -Lewis Nixon's favourite Wine is Vat 69 -Bill Guarnere's brother got killed in Monte Casino

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